Garage Floor Epoxy: Is It Worth the Investment?

Your garage is a place for your valuable possessions and a workspace where you create things that last so keep your garage looking neat and new by sealing the floor against wear and tear through garage floor epoxy.

Homeowners have many options for sealants, but garage floor epoxy sealant is well-known for being long-lasting and resistant to damage.

Features of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating differs from paint in that it does not dry after it is applied. Instead, it undergoes a reaction that forms chemical chains called polymers. These polymers bind epoxy together and give the coating its hardness and durability.

Each epoxy compound consists of two chemicals: a resin and a catalyst. As long as they are separate, each will remain liquid. Once they are mixed, however, they begin a process called curing. It gradually hardens over the next 72 hours (depending on the precise chemical composition).

Types of Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

There are many types of epoxy coatings, including self-dispersing, self-leveling, antistatic, and gravel coatings. Different coatings are suitable for different applications, and many have differences in appearance.

In most cases, the topmost coat is a clear coat. This allows the clear coat to bear the brunt of any scuffs or scratches so that the color of the coat beneath it remains bright and retains its luster.

Skyline Concrete Coating offers a range of colors and chip patterns to add texture to your garage floor. The use of colored chips in a mosaic style increases the number of color variations and combinations you could explore. While many homeowners prefer the simplicity of a monochromatic coat, you can customize your floor coating to match your garage decor.

The Skyline Concrete Coating Difference

Skyline Concrete Coating uses a different material than traditional epoxy. It consists of a polyurea base coat and a polyaspartic clear coat that is four times harder than epoxy coatings.

Do I Need a Garage Floor Coating?

Homeowners might benefit most from garage floor coatings if they: have heavy foot traffic in their garage or if they use their garage for projects that expose the floor to damage. Epoxy garage floor coatings also make it easier to clean spills and sweep up dust or shavings.

Installation: Skyline Concrete Coating Vs. Epoxy Floor Coating

Traditional epoxy can take over a day to be usable after installation, and it can be a dusty and finicky process. In contrast, the Skyline Concrete Coating process is streamlined and efficient so that we’ll finish your floor coating installation in a single day. Here’s how we compare to the competition.


When you have an epoxy floor coating applied to your floor, the installation technician will first prepare the floor for the application of the epoxy. Floor coatings work best when the floor is flat, free of any cracks, and free of any other material that the epoxy might stick to instead of the floor.

Skyline Concrete Coating uses a diamond grinder to smooth the floor more effectively than many other sanding or grinding systems. Our sanding equipment contains integrated vacuums that suck in the dust during the grinding process.

Many DIY and professional installers of epoxy garage floor coatings will use ordinary sanding equipment that kicks up a lot of dust. This is potentially a health risk to whoever is doing the installation, reduces the air quality in the garage, and increases the risk that dust will interfere with the installation process.

The next step in our installation process is to apply grout and fillers to the floor so that cracks and chips do not appear beneath the sealing coat. This process is much the same for epoxy coating installation, but we use a particular blend of menders and fillers that creates a guaranteed level surface before we apply the coating.

Primer? Our Base Coat Is Self-Priming

For most epoxy garage floor coatings, installers will apply a primer to the floor so that the epoxy topcoat will stick to the floor. The primer has to dry first before the installer can start applying the coating. Our polyurea basecoat is self-priming, so we are ready for the clear coat as soon as we are done with the basecoat.

Application of the Basecoat and Clear Coat

Next, we apply a base coat followed by the color chips that give our floors their signature color and slip-resistant texture.

Lastly, we apply the polyaspartic clear coat that resists scratches, stains, and UV light. That’s it! Enjoy your floor coating for the next fifteen years or more.

Why It’s Important to Be Careful When Installing Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

There are internet how-to guides and instruction manuals on applying garage floor epoxy coatings. Some homeowners are tempted to save money by installing epoxy floor coatings themselves. Before you try to coat your garage floor as a DIY project, consider the following issues that could arise.

  • Hazardous fumes from the epoxy resin or catalyst
  • Failed installation due to moisture, temperature variations, or humidity
  • Health risks caused by dust and other debris in the air
  • The need to follow complex instructions precisely for every step of the process
  • Ruining the batch of sealant or your garage floor by letting the epoxy harden before you apply it.
  • The safety hazard raised by buckling and delamination of the floor coating

Don’t risk your health or your garage’s appearance. Let the professionals at Skyline Concrete Coating handle your installation smoothly and efficiently.

Before you invest thousands of dollars in a conventional epoxy garage floor covering, learn more about our exclusive epoxy garage floor coating alternative. Save time and get peace of mind with Skyline Concrete Coating.

Get Professional Garage Floor Coating With Skyline Concrete Coating

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