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How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last?

When you’re considering what flooring system you need for your home or office, an epoxy system is a traditional choice. However, because choosing a flooring system is such a big decision, you want to make sure that you won’t have to replace this system anytime soon.

Epoxy flooring can last upwards of 20 years in a low-traffic residential environment. However, due to heavy traffic, commercial and industrial installations may wear away much faster.

Epoxy flooring is not the most durable floor coating on the market, and some things can help expedite the flooring’s decline. Factors like traffic, sunlight exposure, how the coating is applied, and the quality of the material used can affect your flooring’s longevity.

To keep your epoxy flooring in great shape,  we’ve gathered information to help you get the most out of your floors and decide whether epoxy is suitable for you.

How to Increase the Lifespan of your Epoxy Flooring

Maximizing the lifespan of your epoxy flooring begins with having the correct information. Here are a few ways you can increase the lifespan of your epoxy flooring.

Hire Professional Epoxy Flooring Installers

Epoxy flooring installers are subject matter experts when it comes to maximizing the lifespan of your epoxy flooring system. They can advise on the best methods to apply the epoxy and the best materials, and help you install epoxy layers to increase durability.

Use High-Quality Material

Not all types of epoxy floor coatings function precisely the same way. The most durable type of epoxy is mortar epoxy, which is excellent for heavy traffic spaces like manufacturing plants and warehouses.

A close second is a metallic epoxy, which is durable and aesthetically pleasing. This type of epoxy is self-leveling, spreading across the floor as it cures, creating a dramatic lava flow effect that stands out.

Keep Up with Maintenance

To do your part in maintaining your floors, keep them clean. Dirt, grease, and grime can accelerate the decline of your epoxy flooring system. We recommend that you steer clear of soap-based cleaners, which can leave a haze on your floors.

Make sure to tackle chemical and oil spills as quickly as possible, as these substances can wreak havoc on the integrity of your floors.

How to Know When Your Floors Need to Be Replaced

The best way to tell whether your epoxy floor needs replacing is when you see visible signs of cracks, dents, and chips on your floor. Although you may initially think they’re no big deal, even small cracks can give way to moisture buildup, causing them to enlarge, stain, and mold.

Blistering, peeling, and discoloring are also telltale signs that your epoxy floor needs attention from a professional. These can indicate signs that your floor was installed improperly or that installers rushed the job. In some cases, a professional epoxy flooring installer can help you restore your floors to like-new. Or, you may opt to try out a more durable flooring option altogether.

Is Epoxy Flooring Right for You?

Epoxy flooring is the most traditional type of resin and, unfortunately, one of the most outdated. At Skyline Concrete Coatings, experience has taught us that you need the best products if you want the best results.

That’s why we offer our clients a polyurea and polyaspartic coating that gives you a seamless, durable finish in the fastest time possible. Unlike epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are fully set within just a few hours rather than a few days and are 4 times stronger than epoxy.

Their stain resistance also makes maintaining your floors a breeze. So, if you’re looking for a floor covering that lasts, epoxy may not be the right option for you.

Why Choose Skyline Concrete Coatings

At Skyline Concrete Coatings, we offer top of the line commercial and residential concrete coating services, including:

Our clients trust us because we have the longest-lasting flooring systems in the Metro Washington, D.C. region. When you choose us for your flooring installation, you’ll have access to our unbeatable six-step installation process, residential and commercial warranties, and state-of-the-art equipment.

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