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How to Waterproof Your Basement Flooring

It is fortunate that homeowners can waterproof a basement with reliable polyaspartic basement flooring. Basements are below ground level, which makes these floor areas naturally susceptible to water flow and excess moisture. After many years in the industry, the professionals at Skyline Concrete Coating have seen countless issues arise when these basement areas are without adequate protection.

Typically, the water that enters a basement tends to stagnate. It erodes and damages the concrete surface beneath it, promoting mold and mildew growth. In extreme cases, the damage could even affect the property’s foundations, compromising its structural integrity.

What is the right solution for these at-risk surfaces around residential and commercial properties? Below, we explore ways to protect any basement from water damage with high-quality flooring and waterproofing.

Common Entry Points for Water in the Basement

Your basement acts as the foundation of the home’s structure, and concrete basements are porous. These surfaces are prone to water accumulation and moisture damage, especially with unprotected basement doors, windows, and window wells.

There are several ways that water could end up on basement floors, including:

  • Sloping: If there is unevenness or sloping, water will naturally make its way toward the lowest point. It is a sure way for it to accumulate around the foundation or basement.
  • Inadequate Drainage: When the drainage fails to redirect the water flow away, it pools.
  • Foundation Cracks: Cracks in the foundation also allow moisture to seep into basement floors.

How Polyaspartic Basement Flooring Enhances Waterproofing

While a coating system will protect a concrete surface from abrasion and impact, its other function is to shield the floor from moisture and potential water damage. Many flooring companies use epoxy floor coatings, but Skyline Concrete Coating has found that a polyurea base coat and polyaspartic topcoat are far more effective.

Polyurea consists of 98% solid materials that are robust and pliable. The additional reinforcement significantly improves waterproofing.

How to Waterproof Basement Flooring

Skyline Concrete Coating has spent a lot of time and effort streamlining our flooring process. It is important to us to achieve quality results, regardless of the scope or nature of the project. Our polyaspartic coating application relies on precision to ensure adequate basement waterproofing for years to come; here is what that process involves:

Prepare the Floor

The first step to waterproofing with polyaspartic basement flooring is thorough preparation. We sweep the area, removing existing paint or coatings with diamond grinding and shot blasting—the more thorough our preparation, the better the finished product.

Repair Blemishes

Cracks and holes can be easy access points for water, and patching the basement floor is essential for effective waterproofing. We inspect the surface, fill cracks or holes with concrete or filler, and spread excess evenly to anchor it to the main floor. Once the concrete dries, we flatten it for a perfectly even surface that is ready for the first layer of floor coating.

Seal Potential Openings

It is common to see the edges around a basement floor separating from the walls, especially in older buildings. Unfortunately, this tendency creates gaps for water to seep into the basement, and the solutions could be to:

  • fill the gaps with concrete
  • taping the seams with silicone tape before covering the area
  • sealing window wells, windows, and doors

Our flooring professionals will be happy to tell you more after they assess your basement’s structure and weak points.

Apply the Polyaspartic Basement Flooring

The next step is applying the coating that will protect the basement’s floor against seepage and hydrostatic pressure. Skyline Concrete Coating’s experienced contractors utilize high-quality, industry-standard brushes during the application, working the coating into the concrete for a solid base coat. Some cases might require multiple coats to guarantee effective waterproofing.

The process ends with a final application. This topcoat offers additional protection against moisture, scuffing, fractures, and UV rays for a smooth finish that looks incredible for years to come.

Waterproof Basement Flooring with Skyline Concrete Coating

Basement floors are at a higher risk of experiencing wear and tear from moisture damage, and the best protection is fitting them with a quality coating. Polyaspartic products can ensure the longevity of a basement’s concrete surfaces and even give the option for property owners to craft a decorative effect.

Our flooring professionals are trained, experienced, licensed, and insured, with a full commitment to providing excellent customer service and reliable results.

Reach out to Skyline Concrete Coating at (571) 831-2144 today and find out more about how polyaspartic basement flooring can serve your needs and budget.

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