The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Floors In Your Commercial Facility

If you are a commercial property owner who, at the moment, is unhappy with their current flooring situation, there is no reason to remain this way. The floor might be unfinished, with your concrete cracking or wood peeling or rotting. Your retail space’s appearance is vital to the success of your business, as patrons don’t want to shop or patronize a place that looks shabby. A clean look for your floor ties a room together and serves as the base of your business operations. As a commercial property owner, your space merits investment, and there is no better investment than a polyaspartic commercial coating from Skyline Concrete Coating. Skyline is the most trusted company in greater DC for commercial coatings and polishings. With Skyline, we will install a new polyaspartic commercial coating that will enhance your retail space’s longevity, durability, and overall appearance. But with a new polyaspartic layer comes cleaning responsibilities, and luckily the crew at Skyline can give you some tips on handling the new floor.

Cleaning for Commercial Floors

Cleaning your floors in your commercial facility is a practice that will ensure a glossy, high-quality look for a long time. While polyaspartic commercial coatings will last a long time, property owners must remember that cleaning maintenance is necessary when running a business occasionally. Your cleaning process will be simple and easy to follow with some do’s and don’ts.

Do- Make a Schedule

The easiest thing a commercial property owner can do to maintain clean floors is schedule when employees should do the cleaning. This cleaning should include mopping and an occasional polish. You should clean the floor more frequently if you are in a commercial space with heavy foot traffic (restaurant, retail space). Make sure to make a schedule that can be abided by so your store can remain to look fresh. For example, try scrubbing every one to two weeks to insure optimum appearance.

Do- Dust Daily

Besides your scheduled deep cleaning regimen, dusting once a day is an excellent idea, especially in high foot traffic areas. Dust and dirt can accumulate, wear down surfaces, and make the floor look dirty. A quick sweep can help with the longevity of your coating and enhance the appearance of your floor.

Don’t- Mix Cleaners

Mixing cleaners can damage and stain your floor’s topcoat instead of helping to clean the finish. Mixing cleaners can also be dangerous, especially if workers or patrons of the store have lung-related health issues. This risk is not worth it.

Don’t- Mop with Acid-Based Cleaners.

Avoid using acid-based cleaners when cleaning the floors of your commercial facility. Acid-based cleaners will loosen the bond between polyaspartic and concrete, which may lead to peeling in the future.

Don’t- Drag Heavy Items.

Don’t drag heavy machinery or equipment across the floor without proper protection. For example, dragging items like pallets or blades can scratch the surface of the coating and damage the integrity of the floor in your commercial facility.

Why Choose Skyline

Skyline is the most outstanding choice in the greater DC area for all your coating-related needs. Whether it be a commercial or residential installation, Skyline is always up for the task. We specialize in one-day installations using our polyaspartic coatings, which are much stronger than alternative coating options. Skyline offers a 15-year residential and five-year commercial warranty, so your installation is protected for years to come. If there is any cracking or peeling, our team will go in and fix the problem. Skyline Concrete Coatings prices upfront and remains a locally owned and trusted business in the DC community.

Skyline Concrete Coatings services include:

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