A Recipe for Success: How Skyline Concrete Coatings’ Commercial Floor Coatings Can Improve Your Restaurant’s Performance

Commercial concrete coatings are ideal for high-traffic areas like restaurants because they are durable, easy to clean, and slip resistant. Many establishments are changing over from tiling and other traditional materials because of the unique benefits of coatings.

Are commercial concrete coatings in Metro Washington the best choice for you? Today, Skyline Concrete Coating discusses the benefits of this durable floor coating for restaurants. Keep reading to learn more.


High-traffic areas like kitchens and dining rooms require extra protection. Our coatings are four times as strong as traditional epoxy and contain impressive levels of abrasion resistance. While it is possible to scratch the surface, it is very difficult to do.

Your flooring will last around about five years with heavy traffic, making it a cost-effective flooring option. As the coating bonds with the substrate, it will not flake, peel, or lift during this time. It will also not discolor or become brittle.

Slip Resistance

Kitchens are environments characterized by high humidity and moisture levels. While the dining area is usually drier, spills, regular cleaning, and fast-moving waiters make slip resistance equally important.

Commercial concrete coatings inherently contain impressive slip-resistant properties. We can ramp these up even more by adding aggregates for better floor traction.

Stain and Chemical Resistance

Kitchens are messy places; it’s easy to drop boiling sauce or knock over a bottle of vinegar during meal prep. Conventional flooring materials like tiling and concrete don’t handle spills well, and the porous nature of concrete causes it to soak up the spill rather than repel it. While the tile itself can shrug off the dirt, the grouting will soak up liquids.

Polyurea coatings render the concrete or tiling impervious to damage because the coating is impermeable. Spills and chemicals sit on the surface until you clean them up and won’t stain the substrate.


Do you have a sunny terrace for diners? Keep the space pristine with a high-quality polyaspartic top coat. Unlike its predecessor, epoxy, polyaspartic contains UV filters. Therefore, it will not fade, discolor, or become brittle in direct sunlight. You can even use it outside.

Easy to Maintain

Commercial concrete coatings beat the competition when it comes to maintenance. With floor paint, you have to refinish the surface every couple of years, and tiles require regular regrouting. By contrast, coatings require virtually no maintenance at all.

Keep the surface clean, and it will reward you by looking pristine for many years. If you accidentally scratch the surface, you can use an epoxy polish to buff out the mark. Should the damage be more extensive, you’ll need a patch kit.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Health department officials find it difficult to find faults with epoxy coatings. These impermeable surfaces are seamless, leaving nowhere for pathogens to colonize. With concrete, nasty bugs can shelter in the pores and cracks; with tiling, they find a home in the grouting.

Considering the new surface is also easy to clean, it’s a win-win on the hygiene front. Would you like to improve the odds even more? We can incorporate anti-bacterial elements into your flooring.

Better for the Environment

Sustainability is a buzzword at the moment, but it is one that is here to stay. Consumers today expect businesses to be more careful when it comes to the environment and their health.

Coatings tick all the boxes here. Because we use high-quality products with high solid levels, our flooring has low VOC levels. In addition, thanks to it being easy to clean, there are fewer germs. Finally, the durability of the flooring and the fact that we don’t need to use toxic adhesives during installation also makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Minimizes Liability

Under the right circumstances, it takes just one wrong step to slip and fall. For a restaurant, this is a particular risk due to the nature of the business. Not taking steps to manage these hazards can result in expensive medical bills and claims for lost income. It can also result in punitive damages, depending on how severe the injury is.

Thanks to the coating’s slip resistance, you minimize the chances of someone slipping and falling. Even if someone does fall, you can demonstrate that you took every available measure to create a safe environment, thereby limiting claims.

One-Day Installation Process

We understand that renovations put you in a difficult spot. Who wants to close their restaurant for weeks to install tiles or new flooring? We understand that you need a quick solution, so we use our unique six-step process to complete the average job in one day.

You can then move in 24 hours after we complete the installation. Why put up with messy construction when there is such a simple alternative?

Versatile Decor Options

Maybe you love the look of tiles or want to recreate the look of a Tuscan villa. Perhaps you want a simple pop of color to bring your diner to life or a high-drama onyx floor. Instead of breaking the bank flying in expensive marble or stone, speak to our team.

Thanks to the versatility, getting the look you want for less is easy. We offer:

  • Solid colors
  • Flake flooring
  • 3-D Metallics
  • Stone-look surfaces
  • Custom color blends
  • Custom designs and logos
  • Interesting effects like terrazzo

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