Concrete Coatings in Alexandria, VA

Best Concrete Coatings in Alexandria, VA

Get high-quality polyaspartic flooring in less than 24 hours when you book with Skyline Concrete Coating. Call today!

Would you like to install high-grade floors that resist slips, cracks, stains, and mold? At Skyline Concrete Coating, we understand that performance and durability are as important as visual appeal. We provide innovative polyaspartic flooring solutions to residential and commercial customers in Alexandria, VA.

Our experts accomplish perfection by using polyurea basecoats and polyaspartic topcoats for your floors. Additionally, we use our own Skyline Concrete Coating branded products for all your projects. Our services include:

  • Basement floor coatings
  • Commercial concrete coatings
  • Driveway coatings
  • Garage coatings
  • Patio coatings
  • Pool deck coatings
  • Residential concrete coatings

Peak summer temperatures in Alexandria, VA, can be up in the 90s and sweltering. Did you know that polyaspartic concrete lowers surface temperatures? That means no more burning, blistered feet for your family around the pool or on the patio. You can maintain both your indoor and outdoor temperatures by installing a heat-resistant concrete floor.

Unlike traditional epoxy concrete coatings, polyurea-polyaspartic concrete offers resistance to peeling and bubbling, and it is UV stable. Our team at Skyline Concrete Coating takes all the necessary steps to ensure complete coating and sealing. Our experts can handle all your flooring needs, no matter how minor or extensive.

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Basement Floor Coatings

Northern Virginia has high humidity levels, leaving our residential and commercial basements prone to condensation, mildew growth, and frequent mold infestations. At Skyline Concrete Coating, our mold-resistant, anti-bacterial, water-resistant coating material is ideal for basements.

Additionally, our basement floor coatings don’t require much upkeep and are easy to clean. When looking for a durable material to coat your commercial or residential basement floors, be sure to consider a polyurea-polyaspartic floor coating.

Our high-quality polyurea-polyaspartic material penetrates the surface of concrete floors. Consequently, the surface becomes more resistant to dents and cracks. Whether you want to seal minor cracks or dents on existing basement floors or coat newly installed basement floors, our certified experts can finish the job in less than 24 hours.

Driveway Coatings

With extensive experience enhancing thousands of driveways, our experts offer tailored driveway flooring solutions. In Alexandria,  our driveways and other outdoor surfaces are prone to:

  • “hot-tire peels”
  • UV damage
  • flaking
  • peeling
  • bubbling in peak summer

However, our specially formulated Skyline Concrete Coating are capable of lowering the surface temperature by 15%. The lower surface temperature not only makes your driveway easier on your and your pets’ bare feet, but it cuts down on many of the above problems.

A well-protected driveway surface also minimizes vehicle tire damage. Enjoy driving your vehicle across a smooth driveway surface that offers the perfect balance between aesthetics and traction. This is especially true for commercial driveways, which need to sustain the weight and impact of multiple vehicles. Polyaspartic coatings offer impact resistance and enhanced protection.

Garage Coatings

However, there’s more to our polyaspartic garage floors than visual appeal. Garage floors traditionally collect dust, sand, dirt, and debris. Our polyaspartic floors are easier to clean than garage floor epoxy. With our products, you can transform your garage with decorative concrete material and trendy flooring patterns.

The concrete also offers high traction, tire grip, and impact resistance. You can park multiple vehicles in your garage without worrying about your floor cracking under their collective weight. Our certified experts also use polyaspartic concrete to seal existing cracks and dents.

Patio Coatings

Our Alexandria climate demands a versatile outdoor flooring solution. At Skyline Concrete Coating, our decorative concrete flooring options will make your patio look unique and protect the surface from sun damage. Polyaspartic concrete offers a great deal of weather resistance. The material contracts and expands with the surface, based on the outdoor temperature.

Transform your commercial patios into chic, contemporary, and glossy spaces with our polyaspartic concrete coatings. Ensure that your patio is safe from peeling, cracking, denting, or discoloration with our high-grade Skyline Concrete coating material. Our base coats and top coats will keep your patio in excellent condition for years to come with our 15-year warranty.

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Pool Deck Coatings

Most pool decks exist near chlorinated water. Chlorine and other chemicals present in pool water will stain the deck surface. Pool decks are also conducive spots for mold, mildew, and fungal growths.

We can help prevent those problems. Our polyaspartic flooring with a polyurea base has anti-microbial properties and is also water-resistant. Our expert installers can make your pool deck look new and stylish in less than 24 hours—and what’s more, we can make it safer.

In addition to preventing health issues like mold, our coatings also add safety protection for you and your family. Our polyaspartic poolside coating provides extra traction and slip resistance. You can protect your friends and family from slipping injuries by installing our special poolside coatings.

At the commercial level, pool decks generally require extensive cleaning, especially when they receive heavy use. You will have no trouble keeping your pool deck spotless with our easy-to-clean polyaspartic floor coating that also provides anti-microbial protection.

Residential Concrete Coatings

Choose durable, slip-resistant polyaspartic floors for your home interiors. Our flooring specialists can enhance the appearance of your living space in a day. Unlike epoxy flooring for homes, polyaspartic-coated concrete contains minimal VOCs and is environmentally friendly. Our floor coating material also has anti-bacterial properties and mold resistance.

As with the pool deck coatings, our indoor polyaspartic floor coatings also offer skid resistance, which minimizes the risk of indoor slip-and-fall accidents. These polyaspartic floors are simple and straightforward to clean and maintain: vacuum friendly, they require minimal maintenance.

Commercial Concrete Coatings

Make your commercial space look unique and classy with polyaspartic floor concrete coatings. Commercial floors require impact resistance, durability, and slip resistance. Our high-quality coating material makes cleaning and maintenance much more manageable.

No matter how ample your commercial space is, our experts can complete the process without obstructing your commercial operations.

Why Choose Skyline Coating

As your trusted flooring contractor in Alexandria, VA, our team at Skyline Concrete Coating follows a client-centric approach. Our experts will study your needs and requirements before commencing the floor-coating process.

Our team of flooring specialists can help enhance the safety, aesthetic appeal, and durability of your interior and exterior surfaces. Our team offers custom-tailored floor coating solutions. Clients who are looking for polyaspartic coatings in Alexandria, VA, can choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs.

All our floor-coating solutions come with a lifetime 15-year warranty. We also offer exceptional and competitive prices. Whether you need elaborate commercial flooring solutions or simple home flooring solutions, our experts can handle all your needs.

Give Our Team a Call Today

Reach out to us at Skyline Concrete Coating for innovative polyaspartic floor-coating solutions in Alexandria, VA. You may contact us by calling (571) 831-2144, or through our website, for a free estimate.

Give Our Team a Call Today!

When you need floor coatings for your home or business, look no further than your local coating experts at Skyline Concrete Coating! Our customers rely on us to help with all coating projects, which are backed by our 15-year residential warranty or 5 year commercial warranty. We provide exceptional services to Vienna, VA and the surrounding areas.

If you’re ready to start your coating project, we can help you get started. From commercial properties, patios, garages, and more, our team can tackle any project. Contact us online or give us a call today at (571) 831-2144 for a free estimate!

We look forward to working with you.

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How Much Do Your Concrete Floor Coatings Cost?

Each project is customized to your particular concrete flooring needs. Every job we do is different, because we offer different types of coatings and finishes.  We will work with you to develop a free estimate keeping your budget in mind. 

How Long Will The Concrete Coating Last?

We use the highest quality materials in our polyaspartic floor coatings and we have perfected our application process to make the concrete coating permanent.  Once completely cured and adhered, the concrete coating is meant to last as long as the substrate it is adhered to.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Over Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Polyaspartic Floor Coatings dry more quickly than Epoxy Floor Coatings, and the finish is also more durable.  Our floor concrete coating finishes are also more slip-resistant and will not discolor like some Epoxy Floor Coatings.

How Long Do I Need To Stay Off My Concrete Floor Coating After It Is Installed?

Our flooring cures within a few hours, however our team of professionals recommends waiting at least 4-6 hours before walking on your brand-new concrete coated flooring. After 12 hours, you can begin moving lightweight objects onto the flooring, like light patio furniture.  We recommend waiting a full 24 hours before moving anything heavy back into the area where we have applied the coating (your car, heavy equipment or furniture etc.).

Will My New Concrete Floor Coating Turn Yellow?

It sure will not! Our concrete floor coverings will not yellow or discolor, because they are UV stable. This  one of the many benefits of using Polyurea or Polyaspartic floor coatings.

Will I Need To Reseal My Concrete Floor Coating?

If you follow our maintenance and cleaning guidelines, you should not have to worry about resealing the concrete floor coating because it will help you to preserve the life of your concrete coating topcoat.

How Long Does It Take You To Apply Concrete Floor Coatings?

We have perfected our 6-step application process and most projects take between 5-10 hours to apply depending on the square footage. We pride ourselves in a one-day application and will do everything possible to stay within that time frame. Rainy weather can delay the project, but it is rare.

How Do I Care For My Concrete Floor Coating?

You can clean our concrete coatings with typical sweeping, mopping, or steaming, and hoses. However, you can also use non-abrasive cleaners, like CLR® to remove grease or other stains. 

Will Oil Stain My Concrete Floor Coating?

Our coatings are oil-resistant as well as moisture resistant.

Who Invented Polyaspartic Coatings?

Bayer Material Science first developed Polyaspartic coatings in the 1990s to protect steel bridges and infrastructure from rusting and corrosion. It has since been modified for different applications, such as extremely durable concrete flooring coatings.

What Are Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings?

Polyaspartic Concrete coating is another name for Aliphatic Polyurea, which is a hybrid material consisting of ester and other materials. It was originally developed to coat metal bridges.  It was later used to coat concrete flooring due to its durability and moisture resistance. Polyurea is also used to coat truck bed liners.

Can Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Be Used Outside?

They sure can!  We offer wonderful solutions for driveways, patios, and even the area around the pool.  Our coatings are all UV stable, which will help prevent discoloration or flaking.

What Types Of Environments Can Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Be Used?

Polyaspartic flooring coatings can be used in a variety of environments.  The durability, slip resistant finish is fantastic for any industrial setting, storefronts, patios, or even driveways or garages.

How Are Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Applied?

We have perfected a six step process for applying Polyaspartic Floor Coatings that involves prepping the floor, basecoating, applying chips, scraping the chips, and applying the clear UV protective clear coat. 

Can Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Be Applied In Cold Temperatures?

You can! Polyaspartic floor coatings are safe to apply in temperatures as cold as 40 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit).

How Long Do Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Take To Dry?

Our Polyaspartic Floor Coatings are engineered to rapidly cure, and can be dry in a matter of a few hours!  However, we recommend waiting at least 5-6 hours before walking on newly applied coating and 24 hours before moving heavy objects back onto the flooring.

Do I Need To Hire A Professional To Install Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

Installing Polyaspartic Floor Coating correctly is critical to the appearance and durability of your flooring.  Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your flooring will look amazing and last a lifetime! Our team at Skyline Concrete Coatings is certified in Polyaspartic Floor Coating installation and has many years of experience.

Is It Possible To Replace Existing Epoxy Floor Coating With Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

It is!  Polyaspartic floor coatings are specially formulated for their incredible adhesion properties.  If you have existing patches of epoxy coating, our team can sand it down, vacuum, and wipe down the area with a solvent.  Once prepped, we will apply your new, superior, Polyaspartic Floor Coating


We are very happy!

“We are very happy with our entire experience with Skyline Concrete Coating. The floor looks great and was at a very reasonable price. Their installation crew was efficient and very conscientious. They took care to clean up after themselves during the work and when they were done. We will likely be calling and scheduling additional projects.”
Susie B.

Looks Great!

“Skyline was super easy to work with and has a great product. I had an epoxy coating on the floor that I had put down about 16 years ago that needed to be replaced badly. They came in and ground the epoxy off, fixed all of the imperfections in the floor, and applied their product in a day! The floor looks great.”
Justin H.

Very Professional!

“Skyline Concrete Coating applied a Polyurea coating to my garage. The work they did was very professional and they were very responsive to my questions on floor coloring and applications. Floor looks great and met all my expectations.”
David B.