Best Practices To Follow While Grinding A Concrete Floor

When completing a coating installation on a concrete floor, preparation is critical. Ensuring the surface is ready for a polyurea coating is crucial to how the floor will look. Without the proper preparation, the surface will be uneven to work on and won’t be level. Rejecting preparation will affect the performance of the coating and will most likely result in you spending more money on repairs for years to come. The first step and the most crucial aspect of the preparation process are grinding your floor. Suppose you had a critical test and refused to study for it. The results probably won’t be in your favor. Rejecting to grind before a coating installation can only spell disaster for your floor. With proper practice, grinding a concrete floor is a relatively simple process, and with some tips from Skyline Concrete and Coating, the grinding process will seem like a breeze. Grinding is crucial to the life of your new coating, and with a competent team like the crew at Skyline, we have you covered.

What is Grinding

Numerous well-regarded processes for grinding your concrete floor before a polyurea coating exists. Grinding is the first step in the Skyline Concrete and Coating preparation process. Diamond grinding breaks down existing floors and levels the surface before our team reconstructs concrete and then applies the coating. Next, professionals grind your surface, ensure a level space to work on, and clear out debris. Without a level surface, the layer on top of your concrete floor won’t apply properly and could cause damages you will have to deal with for years.

Diamond Grinding Concrete

Diamond grinding is the first step in our preparation process that we put in place to ensure Skyline’s installation goes as smoothly as possible. Shot blasting is an alternative to diamond grinding, but grinding is preferable for a concrete surface. Grinding restores concrete and corrects minor annoyances such as divots, pits, and general roughness. Diamond Grinding also helps with removing contaminants from the surface of the concrete.

Grinding Tips

Assess the damage before taking on a job. First, take note of each divot, crack, or rough area on the concrete. After this, you must choose the correct diamond before the grind. Some diamonds are harder than others, and a diamond that isn’t right could damage the concrete. Also, don’t turn the dial up to the highest speed when grinding. Your manufacturer will recommend a drum speed that will work for your job. Finally, note how fast the grinder moves across the concrete, as higher speeds will equate to a faster job, but that doesn’t always ensure a quality finish.

Why Choose Skyline

Skyline is the best choice for your money regarding one-day coating installations. Our polyurea coating is four times as strong as epoxy and will last years longer than alternative coatings. Our team also offers a 15-year residential or five-year commercial warranty for all of our installations, giving our customers assurance our job will last. To prepare for our jobs, we utilize a six-step process to ensure your concrete is in the right shape before we attack the job. Skyline Concrete and Coating is locally owned, trusted, and endeavors to maintain relationships within the communities we serve. Using the highest quality products and materials with a caring team, Skyline has to be your first call for any coating-related job.

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Skyline Concrete and Coating is your most suitable option for coating and grinding-related jobs. Skyline’s team will turn the place around if your commercial or residential surfaces are degrading and need revitalization. There is no reason to worry about a low-quality installation or grind; Skyline Concrete and Coating is known for only utilizing the highest quality products and materials when completing any installation or concrete grind. The crew is pleasant, well trained, and always willing to answer any questions or address uncertainties during the job. We want to ensure the people spending money with our company are taken care of and are happy with their decision. Besides completing a high-end installation, we prioritize customer support and maintenance, ensuring you feel as though this process is as seamless as possible. For your free quote, call Skyline Concrete Coating at (571)-831-2144 or visit our website for more information.

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