Do You Want Your Concrete Floor To Last A Lifetime?

Imagine you are a commercial or residential property owner in Washington, DC, dissatisfied with your current flooring condition. Your coating might be yellowing, your driveway cracking, or your surfaces in a place of disarray. You might be upset with the overall look of your home or business and dream of a day when it could all look different. If this feeling resonates with you, the time is now to contact Skyline Concrete Coating, the best coating company in the metro DC area. A healthy property is vital to the well-being of a business or home, and it is essential to prioritize care. As a Washington, DC, commercial or residential property owner, you only deserve to be serviced by trained professionals who care about the installation’s quality. Our team will transform your worn-out concrete into a new surface for your lifestyle with Skyline Concrete Coating. If you are a metro DC resident and want to change your concrete for the better, there is no time like now to contact Skyline Concrete Coating.

How Long Epoxy Flooring Lasts

Epoxy flooring is a coating option that is very popular across America but doesn’t let the trendiness of the product fool you. Yes, epoxy coatings are a better alternative to leaving your surfaces left to decay. But, that doesn’t make it the best choice for your garage, basement, porch, or walkway. Epoxy coatings typically last up to ten years, but those years aren’t all smooth sailing. Unlike other choices, epoxy demands constant upkeep and general care. For instance, epoxy tends to yellow over time, creating a gross veneer for your patio or basement floor.

Other Epoxy Traits

Epoxy is also susceptible to the climate, so a muggy summer or a harsh winter could take years off your epoxy finish life. Epoxy is also prone to peeling and cracking, and while a service team can come out and fix the installation, the price of consistent upkeep will prove to be a general hassle. Though epoxy lasts up to ten years with decent care, the money you will sink into the job isn’t worth it.


People can find an alternate choice for epoxy with Skyline Concrete Coating. Skyline offers a polyaspartic floor coating for people disillusioned by epoxy coatings. Polyaspartic coatings cure at a quicker rate than epoxy and are also slip-resistant, which helps cut down on accidents. Polyaspartic coating also isn’t susceptible to discoloration and will have a look that will last years.

Why Choose Skyline Concrete Coating

Skyline Concrete Coating is the best choice for your money regarding coating options. Whether the job calls for an interior or exterior installation, a basement, garage, or patio, our team is here for the task. Our crew uses our industry-leading six-step process to complete installations to ensure a high-quality level. Our jobs take one day, ensuring that we get out of our customers’ way and leave them to their days. With our team, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and try to work with our customers to reward them with the best possible experience and the highest quality polyaspartic coatings in Washington DC. So for the best possible experience in coatings, trust Skyline.

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Skyline Concrete Coating is the best option for businesses and homeowners in Maryland attempting to change their property for the better. The team at Skyline Concrete Coating doesn’t want to levy excessive fees for our services; instead, we will work with our clients to find a price point that won’t break your bank and will leave you happy. A hard-working, highly-trained group of professionals will work with your needs, putting a smile on your face. Skyline Concrete Coating will work hard to bring your home or business’ surfaces to completion. For the best service with the best prices, Call Skyline Concrete Coating at (571)-831-2144 or visit our website for your free quote.

We serve our local community by providing complete one day transformations for homes and businesses so that you can get the stylish floors you desire while keeping everyone safe and secure, all of which come together to WOW your guests!

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