Invest in Your Retail Store’s Future with Skyline Concrete Coatings’ Durable and Long-Lasting Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial concrete coatings not only provide a durable surface for high-traffic areas but also transform the space. They are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, making them the ideal investment for a busy retail space.

In this post, the professionals at Skyline Concrete Coating explain why retail store owners should consider commercial concrete coatings in Metro Washington.

The Benefits of Installing These Quality Products

At Skyline Concrete Coating, we combine the best-quality polyurea base with a polyaspartic top coat. This combination allows you to receive the maximum benefit while reducing the cost.


Our polyurea coatings with the polyaspartic top coat are four times stronger than traditional epoxy. We offer a full five-year warranty because we use high-solid products that are of the best quality.

In a high-traffic environment, like a retail store, you need a durable floor that can withstand abuse. Our commercial concrete coatings will not flake, peel, or lift during their useful lifespan. They chemically bond to the floor when we install them, meaning they wear away rather than peel off.

They can handle heavy foot and vehicle traffic and can withstand the weight of industrial machinery. Even in a high-traffic environment, you can rely on these products to last five years or longer.

The floors have the high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, making them ideal for retailers who deal with caustic chemicals.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your new flooring is simple and inexpensive. We recommend that you sweep or vacuum grit daily and mop the floor once a week. In most cases, you can use hot water without detergent.

Aside from that, you should spot clean spills. You can use a neutral detergent and soft-bristled brush to remove more stubborn dirt or accumulated grime.

Low Maintenance

Your flooring stays in place until it wears away, meaning there is virtually no maintenance during its lifespan. If you inadvertently scratch the surface, you can buff out scratches using an epoxy polish. You can also use a patch kit for larger areas of damage if necessary.

Better for the Environment

Are you trying to run a more sustainable business with less environmental impact? Choosing high-quality commercial concrete coatings is an ideal place to start. Our products are better for the environment because they feature the following:

  • Low VOC content
  • Require fewer chemicals to keep them clean
  • Are durable, leading to minimal maintenance and a longer lifespan


Does your store get plenty of natural sunlight? Do you use UV lights at all? If so, the UV-resistant qualities of polyaspartic are extremely important. Epoxy and some polyurea products are volatile when exposed them to UV radiation, causing them to discolor, fade, and become brittle.

By adding a polyaspartic layer, you can protect the underlying polyurea layer. The design will look as vibrant in two years as it does today.


What look do you wish to recreate in your store? With commercial concrete coatings, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices as the medium is so versatile. Here are some options:

  • A solid color is the least expensive option but far from boring.
  • Flake flooring is a classic choice that works with almost any decor style.
  • Metallic flooring is an on-trend look that can perfectly recreate the look of marble or 3-D design.
  • We can also design the coating to look like natural materials like limestone and onyx.
  • Our team can recreate the look of more expensive decor styles like terrazzo.

Why pay an exorbitant rate to install a marble floor when we can recreate one for a fraction of the cost? Get creative and choose to incorporate your brand colors or logo, or opt for a more generic look if you prefer.


Welcoming customers and employees onto your premises daily raises several liability issues. Floor coatings can help you better manage these by improving safety in the following ways:

  • Bright, reflective flooring improves overall visibility in the space.
  • You can enhance polyaspartic’s natural slip resistance with additional texture.
  • Companies may choose to label dangerous zones with special markings on the floor.
  • These floors are seamless, leaving no space for pathogens to accumulate. They are, therefore, easy to keep hygienically clean.

Can our floor coatings prevent someone from suing you for a slip-and-fall accident? If someone is intent on scamming you, there’s not much you can do. However, our coatings make it more difficult to slip, even if the floor is wet or oily.

One-Day Installation Process

We know every day you close your doors costs you money. We, therefore, have honed our processes and offer flexible scheduling to reduce the inconvenience to you.

Because of the industry-leading products we use, we can install the flooring in the average commercial space in one day. Your floor will harden quickly, enabling you to move back in 24 hours later. Therefore, we can install the flooring on a Friday, and you can resume normal business operations by Sunday.

Tiling or carpeting, on the other hand, takes days or weeks to complete, and it also takes a while for the smell of the adhesives to dissipate.

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